Lírë spent years in the Feywild after stumbling through a fey crossing by chance during a twilight stroll in the woods last year. When she finally returned to the Material Plane, she found that time hadn’t passed here like it did in the Feywild. Now she’s haunted by the fact that the Feywild is only a hair’s breadth away—a mirror world hidden behind a mere twist of perception. Although her memories of the Feywild grow fainter with each passing day, her heart swells with a mixture of fear and joy at the prospect of one day venturing back to the Plane of Faerie—her home away from home.

In the meantime, she’s been attending the New Olamn bardic college in Waterdeep. This is where she met Lindsay’s character, who’d been adopted into House Estelmer, the primary patrons of the college. For her master’s thesis, she is to accompany Lindsay’s character to Chult, to clear up the confusion between the Tabaxi tribe (who dress up in jaguar skins) and the actual race of catpeople known as tabaxi. Along the way, a storm hit and their ship ran ashore near the location of a carnival. For lack of anywhere else to go at the moment, they decided to check it out.

Feywild Visitor: During her time in the Feywild, Lirë befriended a satyr named Nigel, who still visits her whenever she’s sound asleep or in a deep trance during a long rest. No harm ever comes to her as a result of such visits, which can last for minutes or hours, and she remembers each visit when she wakes up. Conversations that occur with Nigel contain any number of things, from inspiration for her poetry or songs to cryptic messages and sometimes even nonsense.
During his last visit, Nigel told her about a realm called Prismeer, which can be reached only by finding and using a fey crossing in the Witchlight Carnival. Nigel’s arch fey patron, Zybilna, rules Prismeer. He requested that she journey to this domain and find out what happened to Zybilna, with whom he has recently lost contact.


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